Coming Soon... Midnight Sweet is my directorial and writing debut and features cinematography by Gregory Clouatre and Malik Fakiri.
Check out the trailer below as well as the loads of design and pre-production work I did for the film.
The illustration process in Photoshop and Cinema4D.
I storyboarded the hell out of the opening scenes. From setting the mood of the kitchen with set design and lighting, to blocking and planning the choreography of the supermarket shoot. Here are a few examples alongside stills from the film.
I created a handful of fictional products to bring the world of Midnight Sweet to life. Sea Berries is candy disguised as breakfast cereal, while Sweetie Boys are individually wrapped globs of corn syrup shoved into 'cosmic' boxes... both are irresistible to kids and grown men alike and feel right at home in the Supermarket.  
MONOLIFE is a revolutionary line of supplements sold by John's old pal, TOY-STORE, played by Trevor Simpkin in his debut performance. Monolife offers a variety of  products at different price points to fit a modern lifestyle, each with their own health benefits. Contact a representative today, and act quick, memberships for the beta program are limited. Freedom from Food, bro.
On the day of the supermarket shoot I created a trashy gossip magazine, called None-Ya, to replace what was intended to be a boring weekly circular. 
There is plenty more to come, follow Midnight Sweet updates by liking our Facebook Page or following me on Instagram and Twitter.
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